Wikileaks ~ A Clever Way To Sell Propaganda By Sandwiching It In With The Obvious


Wikileaks a clever way to sell Propaganda by sandwiching it in with the obvious.
Have trouble understanding their voices?   Here is the write up and a second video…

One good thing about wikileaks it’s a revelation for people who get all their information form TV and establishment sites.

It must be totally shocking for the completely ignorant.

So that is why they get excited about it.

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Message To The Environmental Movement ~ Climategate

Sun Dec 5 , 2010
[youtube]5Hftsk4gWqI[/youtube] The world’s leading climate scientists have been embarrassed by the publication of private emails that hide the decline of global temperatures. This is a message to the environmental movement. The emails in question can be found here…… VO: James Corbett Track: Massive attack Angel Video: BBC