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Taken from a press release

Early this morning armed Chilean troops opened fire with rubber bullets on Rapanui civilians.

The police started shooting and tear gassing as the Rapanui people gathered in solidarity.

Now there is blood on the streets.

Leviante Araki, the President of the Rapanui Parliament was shot twice in the region of  his hip and rib cage and is being air lifted to hospital. A young man, Richard Tepano, was shot at short range in his right eye and is now in critical condition. Maori Pakarati was shot above his right eye and arm, where parts of a rubber bullet remain stuck. Zita Atan was shot in the head, Pia Vargas was shot in her right leg and Honu Tepano was shot in the shoulder.

As the Chilean troops charged towards the fleeing Rapanui, ClaudioTuki was hit in the forehead and Enrique Tepano was shot in the face. Santi Hitorangi was shot in his right leg from behind, and as he attempted to continue to film the situation he was shot twice in the back.

At 5:45 Jose Rikorokoi who was on Rapanui land adjacent to the bank building was beaten about the head, and Chilean troops then violently removed the unarmed family of Michael Tuko Tuki.

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Mon Dec 6 , 2010
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