Christopher Hitchens ~ Latest Nixon Tape Buries Kissinger’s Reputation

Henry Kissinger should have the door shut in his face by every decent person and should be shamed, ostracized and excluded.

No more dinners in his honour;

Henry Kissinger Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger arrives at the 2008 Alfred E. Smith Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel October 16, 2008 in New York City. Appearing at the Alfred Smith dinner is a tradition for presidential candidates, with both major nominees usually attending during the election year.

no more respectful audiences for his absurdly overpriced public appearances;

no more smirking photographs with hostesses and celebrities;

no more soliciting of his worthless opinions by sycophantic editors and producers.

One could have demanded this at almost any time during the years

since his role as the only unindicted conspirator in the Nixon / Watergate gang,

and since the exposure of his war crimes and crimes against humanity in Indochina,




East Timor

and several other places.

But the latest revelations from the Nixon Library might perhaps turn the scale at last.

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