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British Zionists’ Hypocritical View Of Suffering & The Holocaust

Gilad Atzmon considers why British Zionists,

notably, Israel’s mouthpiece, the Jewish Chronicle,

the Board of Deputies of British Jews

and the Community Security Trust,

insist on acknowledging only Jewish suffering and deny the suffering of the Palestinians at the hand of Israel.

For years Israelis and  Zionists have been pumping Shoah [Holocaust] into our veins

by using every possible propaganda outlet:







and so on.

Seemingly, they have been very successful:

We are all properly “Holocausted”.

We accept the suffering of the Jewish people – and we have even managed to draw a universal message from it all.

Palestinian Holocaust


We know that a real Shoah is taking place in front of our eyes in Palestine,

where the Jewish state locks millions of Palestinians behind bars,

starving them and stopping medical supplies,



and educational materials from reaching them.

But it does not stop there.

When the Jewish state feels like it,

it also kills Palestinians indiscriminately.

It blitzes them with white phosphorous

and it sends in its tank battalions into Gaza.

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