February 1, 2011

Source: https://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article27383.htm

Eyes fixed on Egypt, the consensus is that we are witnessing a global awakening. Mesmerized by the crowds, mainstream media reports, and ‘pundits’ analysis, we have abandoned our ability to think critically — we fail to ask the right question: Why is the mainstream media in the U.S., the propaganda apparatus of the State and interest groups, condemning the Egyptian leader — America and Israel’s most subservient ally?

Clearly, we no longer suffer from short term memory in this country — we suffer from a total loss of memory.

We tend to forget that well over a year ago, political actors in America and allied nations had full knowledge that Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak was terminally ill. Certain that his reign was coming to a close, they devised a plan to compensate the inevitable loss of Mubarak’s unconditional support. A plan was put into motion to assist orchestrate an uprising which would benefit their interests. The idea was to support the uprising so that an ally could be placed in Egypt without raising suspicion. Not only would America be seen as a benevolent force acting in good faith, contrary to its hypocritical policies, but perhaps more importantly for the decision makers, Israel’s interests would be served – again – at the expense of the Arab world.

Who would be the wiser for it? It seems the public has fallen for the plan.

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