Source: THE Israeli Army is using Facebook to catch women who lie about their religious background to avoid serving in the Army. Military service is compulsory for Israelis over the age of 18, but Jewish women who sign a declaration saying they maintain a religious lifestyle, eat only kosher […]


Source: [youtube]Vd7QL1-NnlU[/youtube] Today I learned of a video that has surfaced showing a 1992 interview with Stanley Meyer, who is famous for allegedly powering a dune buggy with water through an onboard process that allegedly converted water in small amounts into a fuel that could run the vehicle. The […]


Source: Not enough was known about the risks attached to the active ingredient in the swine flu vaccine linked to narcolepsy in young people before it was offered to patients, according to Professor Timo Vesikari of Tampere University’s Vaccine Research Centre. Vesikari said that the active agents had been […]