The Following is a list of articles Guerilla Media has compiled from many news sources, interviews on radio, videos, articles and blogs. A full spectrum of news to digest, there is so much about the quake that is not being talked about and the truth must come out. Was Christchurch Quake MAN MADE? Decide for yourself. MR NEWS

How to make an earthquake

Was the earthquake man-made? Amazing new evidence found by investigative NZ reporter https://www.guerillamedia.co.nz/content/investigative-reporter-lays-out-h…

A man made disaster?

The Christchurch relief radio station in a caravan!

Americas Lesson From Ken Ring

Christchurch refugees abandoned

Lt Col Talks about Scalar weapons (Earthquake machine)

Is Christchurch Headed for volcanic eruption?

Quake predicted by Ken Ring

HAARP activity & Military moves around christchurch at time of quake

Sonic Booms Heard in Christchurch

NZ HAARP Connections by Ben Vidgen

Coronal Mass ejections & HAARP activity to blame?

Chain of events surrounding Christchurch quake video

High US officials leave Christchurch right before the quake

Why was homeland security in Christchurch?

Was the christchurch quake caused by HAARP?

John Keys comments on the quake

Premonitions of disasters to come

Quake to rank amongst worst disasters

65 die in Christchurch quake

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