US, France & Britain Pound Libya With Their Military Weapons

Operation 'Odyssey Dawn': Gadhafi Defiant as Western Forces Pound Libya

On Saturday, just after the French

– who have extensive oil interest in Libya –

jumped the gun on the UN coalition and started attacking Libyan ground forces,

the United States joined in with a missile attack on Libyan cities.

Not a few missiles;

not 10 or 30 or 50 missiles

– but a full barrage of 110 Tomahawk missiles,

slamming into Tripoli and Misurata.

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Anyone still think that the US, NATO & it’s allies give a shit about human rights ?

What about Bahrain ?

Yemen ?

Think about what economic & political interests the west has in Libya.

This is all that matters to them.

Military intervention on the pretext of a rescue mission

is a pack of lies which plays on human emotion.

I wouldn’t want to BEGIN to list the repressive regimes & dictators Britain & the US have backed

when it suited their interests to do so,

the list is just too long.

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