America, the UN, and the Order of Skull and Bones


Update: September 5, 2012

The United States and the United Nations are controlled by the same people.

This may come as a shock to some folks; and others may find it amusing; but the documentation supporting this claim is available to most anyone willing to search for it ( is a good place to start).

Last year [2004], in America, more than 1.5 million students graduated from college.

Of this number, a mere fifteen were members of an elite fraternity known as the Order of Skull & Bones at Yale University.

Every four years, of the millions of people in this nation who could be chosen to be major party candidates for the presidency, in most every instance for decades now, the “choice” has been a promoter of “globalization” i.e. a centralized totalitarian one world government.

How fortuitous for the elite families of the world that meet in secret to decide the destiny of nations.

Speaking of “luck” and “coincidence,” what are the odds that in the 2004 presidential election, both of the major party candidates, in a country of over two hundred and ninety million people, would come from the same fraternity / secret society at Yale that selects only fifteen students a year?

How convenient for America’s hidden rulers, that Senator Kerry would not likely be asking his “opponent” George W. Bush any probing questions about his involvement in the Order. When asked by Tim Russert about their association in Skull & Bones, each of the men, as trained, quickly avoided the question with one line and a smile.

Americans are “played like a fiddle” every four years as they cue up at the polls to, in many cases, choose the “lesser of two evils.”

Terrified that Mr. Bush could be “re”-elected, liberals were led to believe that the only course of action was to vote for Senator Kerry.

Likewise, in dread of that “flaming liberal / communist” John Kerry, conservatives were supposed to remain faithful to the Republican Party and their candidate, George W. Bush. Any deviation, we were told, could mean the White House for Senator Kerry, and a bleak next four years for America.

The older an individual is the more this charade should become apparent.

In 2004, Skull & Bones members played a prominent role in the people’s “choice” of a candidate.

In other “elections,” members of the Council on Foreign Relations might take center stage.

In either case it’s all theatre.

It became clear to this writer, at the commencement of the “War on Terror,” that Americans, as well as the rest of the world, would be given the fake choice between two vehicles that would bring the ruling elite their one world government:

What the left calls “US Imperialism” (currently being implemented by the neocons)

or their staged alternative, the United Nations, and their hegemony over the planet.

In summary, it’s heads they win, using a two-headed coin, and their fog machine, the mainstream media.

With regards to critical thinking, and a truly informed electorate, it’s a skeleton crew.


Philip Dec – P.O. Box 76 – Monmouth, ME – 04259 – USA – December 2005



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