The November 26 election is one of the most important in decades.

Both major parties are committed to policies

by which the New Zealand economy

is even more dominated by transnational corporations

more and more of our farmland is owned by foreigners

publicly-owned assets are privatised

and the country is locked ever more tightly into disadvantageous “free” trade and foreign investment agreements,

of which the biggest one being negotiated,

in secret,

is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

This is the means to effect a free trade agreement with the US.

There are some differences between National and Labour on these issues,

but they are only ones of degree,

not principle.

A change in government will not,

in itself,

be enough to change the disastrous course on which this country is set,

one of domination by global Big Business and the US.

This country needs People Power to let the world know that



Murray Horton, spokesperson of the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA),

will speak on:

• The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
and the dangers it poses to the NZ economy and to our very democracy.

• Privatisation of our public assets.

• The relentless takeover of NZ businesses and land by transnational corporations.

• The re-absorption of NZ into the US Empire.

•And, most, importantly, how the New Zealand people can fight back

It’s too important to be left up to the politicians.

[ … because – & let’s face it – they don’t really work for you, anyway ]

Local Contact
Lynda Boyd 0274 797789

Murray will be speaking on Waiheke Island this Sunday 3rd April
2pm at Surfdale Hall.

Will post other dates as they come to hand.

If anyone out there knows them ~ please post below.

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