Toxic Skies – Chemtrails 2008


“The government and related agencies continue to blatantly lie and deny the existence of chemtrails.

They say that what we see, are normal contrails and that chemtrails don’t exist;

yet they are the ones who are responsible for the chemtrail spraying.

When governments can lie so boldly to the people they are suppose to be representing,

you can be assured that there is nothing good about what they are lying about.”



| January 4 | Incredible day of low altitude jet pollution over Santa Barbara and Montecito |

“…when I went to the local Independent newspaper I walked in with my camera and showed the suit-clad young man behind the counter a picture of the sky outside and asked him if that looked normal to him….he said he hadn’t been outside. I said well, outside is 15 feet from you so have a look…he said no, and that wasn’t the kind of story they do…” DontSprayMeBro

| January 16 |

Some brilliant reasoning from a debunker commenting on the video clip above:


I can’t believe that there are still people out there that believe in that retarded ‘chemtrail’ stuff!

Listen: There’s no conspiracy, ok? None. They are NOT spraying you with ‘experimental deadly diseases’

They aren’t. It’s all contrails. The things you call ‘chemtrails’ don’t exist. They just don’t!

Grow up people!”

Anyone that sure of themselves should have plenty of evidence to back up their claims, right?

Click on the blogger’s screen name []

and we read…

“This channel is no longer available because the user closed their account.”


Just on YouTube long enough to give his irrefutable hit-and-run scientific analysis.


| February 09 | The ultimate proof of Geo Engineering and Chemtrails | camel303 |


| February 28 |

“Amazing natural cloud formations here in Las Vegas!

Nothing strange or unusual about them at all.”



| May 2 | Grid Lines In The Sky |

“Anyone would have to admit, this grid like pattern in the sky is very unusual for normal flight paths;

and if it were normal flight paths, wouldn’t I see them on a daily basis?

After all, this is right outside my front doorstep!”



| May 9 | Just ask Fox News talking heads – It’s a Great Day For Contrails! |

“This Milwaukee TV meteorologist shows pictures of local chemtrails

and then says it’s just harmless water vapor from jet exhaust.”


| May 13 | Scie Chimiche – Fermiamoli |



| May 19 |



| October 6 | Morning Chemtrail: turned Off and On | Skywitness |

“Samples of soil and water show large increases in acidity.

(There’s a video of a guy who had independent analysis done on his remote property

where his trees are dying & lakes contaminated. Can’t find it now)

German military (while not alone in this) admit spraying large areas,

they say the spray is made of polymers and metal particulates.

Weather men say it can be seen on their weather radars.

Chemtrails aren’t Contrails !”



| December 8 | Stitching the Sky: Timelapse Jet trails 720p HD Version | jcmegabyte |

“These scenes were selected from over 1000 sequences,

captured in the skies over Santa Clarita, California from 2006 to 2008.”


| Chemtrail Galore – the 2008 collection |

“Here’s some more footage from my archives.

All material shot at location in the Netherlands.

Do some research. This ain’t normal. If you think it is,

you will probably think that swine-flu is a natural mutation, too.

Good luck with that.”



| Toxic skies-aerosol crimes | graasroots |


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