[ As if we didn’t have to enough to worry about : I saw this film last night and it’s -awesome- & made even more awesome by a little pounder of a soundtrack by Amon Tobin ] Official website [youtube]JmOcJ_MBsA8[/youtube] [youtube]lLRdNEQqxAg[/youtube] [youtube]Qi-fhL9QWcc[/youtube] [youtube]TsXrpevZtz4[/youtube]

https://www.sovereignindependent.com/?p=18279 What I would like to share with people, about what has happened to us, is the underlying reasons why we were physically removed from the boat; taken into custody and then deported from the UK, when we did nothing wrong. The boat, which I, a New Zealand and therefore […]

THE Battle for TRUE Freedom Are you looking for a way out of the System? Do you want justice for the false-flag terror attacks in the U.S., U.K. and elsewhere? Do you want to end the endless wars in the Middle East that are bankrupting both the U.S. and the […]

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