Scientists may have found the cause of the world’s sudden dwindling population of bees – and cell phones are to blame. Research conducted in Lausanne, Switzerland has shown that the signal from cell phones not only confuses bees, but also leads to their death. Over 83 experiments have yielded […]

Article By Servando Gonzalez [youtube]qXcKIyn6LJ4[/youtube] On May 5th, 2009, some of the most notorious members of the “billionaires club” — David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Eli Broad, Peter G. Peterson, Patty Stonesifer, John Morgridge, Michael Bloomberg and a few other billionaires -, secretly […]


The documentary “Budrus,” which shows how a Palestinian village in the West Bank defeated the Israeli occupation through nonviolent resistance, is now available on DVD. The widespread availability of this movie in the United States could not come at a more propitious time, because conditions are ripe for a “White […]


Wednesday, 04 May 2011 | Press Release Contact: Metiria Turei MP Tags: Mining, Energy, Environment, Economics, Marine and Oceans The Government confirmed today that New Zealanders will carry full financial liability and responsibility for containment and clean up if there is a catastrophic oil spill in deep water off the Canterbury Coast, said the Green Party. […]

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