Five Reasons To Be Concerned Your Husband Is A Psychopath

It dawned on me a few years ago that our rational lives are like a still pond and madness is the jagged rock thrown into it,

creating odd ripples everywhere.

And the most powerful madness of all,

when it comes to the way the world turns,

is psychopathy.

There’s a consensus amongst psychologists that psychopaths

– with all their glib charm and grandiosity and the power to effortlessly manipulate

– do brilliantly in business and politics.

Theirs is the brain anomaly that rules our world.

Which is why I’ve written a book about them: “The Psychopath Test.”

As part of my research, I spoke to hundreds of people

– everyone from the doctors who catalogue mental illness,

to those who vehemently oppose them,

to a Broadmoor Hospital inmate who says he faked a mental disorder.

In the process,

I learned that,

during the courtship phase,

psychopaths come across to the women they’re targeting as potentially great husbands.

What I’m saying is, you may have married a psychopath.

It is really very possible.

He might have not yet revealed the full extent of his astonishing malevolence.

You might want to pack your bags and run screaming from the marriage before he does.

Let me help.

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