Source: waterpressure.wordpress.com Was it ‘Murder at Pike River Mine’? Read this and you be the judge? Follows this article…) www.stuff.co.nz/national/pike-river-mine-disaster/4854892/Govt-says-no-to-Pike-River-legal-help Key said this afternoon he believed the receivers had sufficient cash to cover the company’s legal costs during the inquiry into the series of explosions which claimed 29 lives, and […]


[youtube]VPlLc9uge-0[/youtube] For the first time in 63 years of being outcast from their home land, some 50,000 Palestinians have flooded the border of Lebanon and Palestine. Press TV speaks with Franklin Lamb, international lawyer participating in the NAKBA commemoration and witnessing the extraordinary scenes at the Lebanese border. Following is […]

tumeke.blogspot.com New Zealand is an odd place. When a reporter uncovers evidence that the NZ SAS special forces rules of engagement to not take prisoners in Afghanistan have been broken no one seems to query the rules of engagement or the actual killings they do there. I haven’t read the […]


This recent Reserve Bank Consultation Document may be of interest to you … Document link and response below. Consultation Document: Pre-positioning for Open Bank Resolution (OBR) 1 The Reserve Bank is consulting registered banks on pre-positioning banks’ systems to ensure compatibility with the Open Bank Resolution (OBR) policy. This represents […]

“Here is a video I’ve created with over 300 of my personal pictures of ‘CHEMTRAILS‘ (or more precisely AEROSOL SCATTERING programs) taken in our Montreal sky over a period of 3 months, from August till November 2007. I’ve added (part 1) of an interview with Clifford E. Carnicom on Coast […]