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Why Does America Have A ‘Special Relationship’ With Israel ?*SvjJq9iIp*EHYDDQHnFAXLW8uIiLgmrrvorSBJ4s7YkGyoOdMEqhcf0uCOdw74niqdS9Ehwzga/usa_israel_flag.jpg?w=600&ssl=1


Is it because of the oil ?


Israel doesn’t have any.

Is it because they’re a major trading partner ?


not unless you count the military goods they buy from America,

some of it with American tax dollars.

Does America need it as a base because one of Israel’s neighbors declared,

or committed an act of,

war against the United States ?


Is it a good way to stay close to the oil ?


but it’s not the only way,

or even the best way.


what is the basis for the “special relationship ?”

Find out here


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