Our Goose Is Cooked

This must be what it was like in Russia before the Soviet Union collapsed.


The government’s so crooked that nothing works right,

the infrastructure’s in a shambles,


millions of people are scraping by on government handouts,


and everyone’s on a permanent downer.

Welcome to the United States of America 2011.


I mean, seriously,

things are really looking bad.

Apart from killing people,

we really don’t do anything anymore.

We have a humongous, over-bloated military


that lumbers from one war to the next

spreading misery wherever it goes,


and meanwhile,

back at home,

things continue to go to the dogs.


How long can that go on?

You can’t get a job anymore,

because all the jobs have been shipped off to Guandong Province or someplace South of the border.

The best you can hope for is some part-time gig jerking double-tall-mochas or steering folks towards the red-dot special on Aisle 9.



how can you sustain a middle class on a measly $9.50 per hour?


It can’t be done.

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