“Proxy Buster” Software Exposes False Flag Antisemite


An unclassified version of the software used by the FBI has allowed Veterans Today

to track the IP addresses of a group of,

what appeared to be,

hate mongers and racists whose rhetoric borders on terrorist extremism.

What we found was astounding.

In one case, an individual using the email address “youdirtyfXXXingjew@XXXmail.com”

was traced to the computer of the head the largest Jewish “defense” organization.


reposting copyright materials without permission on extremist sites or posting comments filled with racist threats

were traced to homes and public buildings in Tel Aviv

or to members of Washington lobbying groups tied to Israel.

Most noticeable,

though the message is primitive,

the syntax is flawless and often elegant.

Spelling and punctuation are “spot on.”

Veterans Today editor, Jim W. Dean said;

“We spend hours each week,

time we could spend helping veterans,

cleaning this garbage off our website.

All of it is blatant and amateurish.

A good friend who works for the Anti-Defamation League,

an organization headed by Abe Foxman,

told me that hundreds have been recruited,

here in the US and more in Israel,

whose job it is to seed Antisemitic material into websites

that are critical of Israel’s apartheid policies.”


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