Was Filmmaking Genius Stanley Kubrick ‘Snuffed’ In Retribution For Symbolic Exposé Of The Illuminati In “Eyes Wide Shut”?



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The ritual in Eyes Wide Shut (Youtube, 5 min, embedding disabled)


While perusing the Jeff Rense-Benjamin Fulford interview transcript in researching Chinese secret society

which I previously discussed,

I came across the interesting tidbit :

(Discussing the deal with the Illuminati members to spare their lives

by not carrying out the genocidal plans to de-populate the Earth)

FULFORD: No. I’m going to get these people if no one else does.

If they don’t agree to my terms, they are doomed. And they know it.

They have the intelligence agents.

You people out there, you don’t know because you don’t have access.

You don’t know if I’m lying, if I’m a crazy guy, but they do.

People in the CIA, the NSA, Mossad, they know I’m not kidding.

This society is real. And they are moving.

So they realize this is not a bluff. This a promise. They must stop their crazy games.

What these people are trying to do – I know it sounds insane.

They are trying to artificially create Armageddon.

They are trying to make people believe these are end times, by slaughtering people through disease and famine.

I believe they even have, I know this will sound a bit crazy and you will start wondering about me,

but they have some kind of microwave weapon that can heat up underground water near earthquake-prone zones,

and trigger earthquakes.

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