Fourth Of July Lies


This fourth of July article is a call to those people of the USA who can still think critically to stop merely talking about changing the US

and hence, the world,

and start doing it by creating resistance movements against the beliefs and practices that foster going into countries and homes

to kill the people and take their resources.

Be it under the ruse of something called democracy,

humanitarian intervention,

the war on terror

or the war on drugs

these programs and their labels delude and deceive in order to manufacture consent for war,


and theft

that profits the small group of men and women who really rule the world.

If you believe in ideals such as freedom and self-determination

then fight for it here and now in your own country,



and neighborhood

because the greatest Fourth of July lies told

is that this is a free country

that liberates “others”

so we can remain “free” here …

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