Murdoch’s Dirty Tricks Against Palestinians


Hacking the mobile phones of British families who had lost loved ones to sexually depraved violent criminals,

al-Qaeda inspired “terrorists” and Taliban insurgents

proved the tipping point

that led to the closure of Britain’s most popular Sunday newspaper The News of the World,

first published in London in 1843

and printed for the very last time on Sunday July 9, 2011.

[ yeah bye … & thanks for dumbing down half of an entire fucking country ]

Safe in the knowledge that Murdoch’s News International phone hacking scandal

will now be subject to forensic examination and extensive analysis,

I will delve instead

into the News of the World toolbox of dirty tricks

to see what dark arts of the modern hacks’ trade have been deployed

against supporters of the Palestinian cause in recent years.

In doing so I believe I will get closer to the heart of Murdoch politics

– an important topic that will almost certainly remain untouched by any official inquiry into the criminality and immorality

that has dramatically engulfed his media business in Britain.


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