The Fine Line Between Fear & Realism

The modern truth movement is spearheaded by 9/11 investigators

who have exposed that there’s simply no way it happened as televised.



As if 19 Muslims with box cutters killing over three thousand people wasn’t scary enough,

the evidence that the sophisticated attack was perpetrated by shadowy forces in the highest levels of the U.S. corporate government

is infinitely more terrifying.

Because if 9/11 was indeed an inside job of some sort,

it means that our entire paradigm is,

and probably always has been,

built on one big lie after another.

It also means that the group who really pulled it off in front of the entire world

is far more powerful, pervasive, ruthless, cunning, and technologically advanced than any of us knew.


when you realize that the entire economy is also a complete scam

designed to enslave the planet to the money printers,

feelings of fear and powerlessness can sometimes be overwhelming.

Yet, at the same time,

possessing this knowledge is much more empowering than living in ignorance.

Those in the alternative media recognize that fear is used as a weapon against the truth.

However, it’s clear that average people find the truth so scary

that they’d prefer to live in blissful ignorance.


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