Israeli Soldiers Leak Classified Information

The Israeli Army has been grappling with a series of massive leaks of classified information

by its own soldiers

through online services,

a report says.

Israeli Army secrets are beaming around the world,

mostly from the inside,

Russia Today reported.

The report added that with just one click,

everything that a few years ago might have been off limits,

is available to millions of people simultaneously.

Israeli Colonel Bentzi Gruber has recently received a threat for “killing children in Gaza.”

The colonel’s name was on a website listing the phone numbers

and other personal information of Israeli soldiers involved in the last Gaza war.

“They have, in the list on the site, more than 200 names,” Gruber said.

“I do not think this is from Facebook or from Myspace or stuff like this.

I think that it is inside information.”

The report concluded that there are many Israeli soldiers,

who spend their army service keeping track of what is happening online.



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