In Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists, Louis joins an extreme subculture of the most committed Jewish settlers in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, and explores their lives. [youtube]BLvvBLvyvxI[/youtube] Louis meets Daniel Luria, who works for Ateret Cohanim, an organisation that helps Jews around the world to purchase property in East Jerusalem. […]


George Lucas is retiring from making blockbusters after complaining that Hollywood refused to fund his latest self-funded movie because it has a black cast. [  apparently the suits just out-and-out told him “we have no idea how to market this ” – end quote ] [youtube]BpA6TC0T_Lw[/youtube] Another impetus for his […]


  The entire reason why SOPA’s authors and supporters have the money, influence, and power to put forward draconian bills like this in the first place is because of our daily patronizing of their corporations and the goods and services they provide. SOPA supporters include the US Chamber of Commerce, […]

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