The Sad, Sad World Of Israel’s Big Time Liars

The “Global Language Dictionary” teaches Israel propagandists how to hoodwink people about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,

how to silence critics

and how to avoid making statements that produce negative reactions.


Meet another of Israel’s undesirables, Yuli Edelstein.

He is the regime’s Propaganda Minister

(or to be more precise, Minister for Disinformation and Diaspora)

and he runs the biggest lie machine in the world.

His task is to make the Israel “brand” smell sweeter.

The reason it stinks of course,

is the regime’s putrid morals and murderous conduct,

which the lie machine works overtime to try to justify and excuse.

It will always fail.

You cannot build a decent brand image on lies,

obnoxious behaviour

and a massive attitude problem.


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