Eustace Mullins ~ Le Rôle Du Sionisme Dans L’Holocauste

[ This is tres bon.

h / t : Luc ]

World domination is really an extraordinary evil piece of work.


Set up by a minority of Sionists as:

Goldsmith, Rothschild, Rockefeller ..,

Never mind the great majority of  human robots (followers)

and the well disciplined ignorant

who believe religiously in perfect capitalism’s abilities to solve the world’s problems.

Interest of debt

is the great big joke of humanity

( from the western world point of view)

which has and continues to

ruin billions of lives across the planet.

Financing conflict and war increasing world debts


economic hit men / diplomats


influencing ( bully tactics )

military budgets and alliances

continue to squeeze independent states.


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