Haters Of Humanity ~ The Church Of Malthus

Church of Malthus evangelist, Paul Gilding in his “the Earth is Full” talk,

tells us one million years of human progress has “finally” reached its limits.

This is a tale that has been fallaciously told for at least the last 200 years since crackpot economist Thomas Malthus

warned of imminent societal collapse based on a growing population

– a prediction,

like those of a suicidal doomsday cult,

that has been demonstratively and repeatedly proven wrong.

Gilding also attempts to link “climate change” in as a manifestation of our reached limits.


Paul Gilding describes himself as an “independent writer, advisor and advocate for action on climate change.”

He is not a scientist,

nor does he appear to participate in any sort of productive industry.

He is a modern day Malthusian evangelist

– preaching the limits of population growth as hysterically as Thomas Malthus did over 200 years ago,

warning of imminent societal collapse.

Gilding’s contemporaries include John P. Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy,

who in 1977

ludicrously concluded that the United States would collapse

when its population reached “280 million in 2040.”

America’s population stands well over 300 million today,


and the only collapse it faces is due to a government

attempting to carry out global imperial conquest

through trillion dollar decade-spanning wars,

and mega-trillion dollar banker bailouts

paid to the order of institutionalized degenerate gamblers.



whatever “science” men like Gilding and Holdren are basing their system of beliefs on

is divorced from the science that gives us technology and progress.

It is analytical,


and compiled by men who have little experiential knowledge of how the world actually functions.

They are priests and evangelists perched in ivory towers and behind podiums shouting out their patently false conclusions

to the crowds before them.

Their resumes are devoid of accomplishments in applied science and technology,

and instead filled with ridiculous predictions and “academia”

that have humiliatingly and repeatedly been proven false.

Worst of all,

their work is carried out on behalf of a “Green Vatican” of sorts

– not based in Rome, Italy,

but on Wall Street


and in the financier capital of London


– who in reality are the greatest purveyors of environmental catastrophe.

Like many cults and organized religions before them,

they shift the burden of reconciling “sin”

onto its growing flock of followers

instead of taking responsibility for its own actions,

resultant from perpetual greed.


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