Beyond Brave New World

Poetry from the incisive Vanessa Ryan ~ Performed live at Theatres of Resistance, Waiheke Island, 2012

Brave new world
one world ordered .
when credit was cheap as chips
after WWP
world wide party
fat credit cards the great spendathon
new house car or holidays
the money tree now dead
hangovers and monetary meltdown
deliverance of debt
Classified hypnotised
minds wide shut
TV eyes collectivise,miniscule news,complete sports story.
real news diminishing
Collective eyes,
Reality customised for Vanity and fame
cell phone typography past your eyes
quantitative easing taxation increasin,
incremental governmental powers
past overnight
GST, taxation
for foods sake
the new food bill eminent
how does your garden grow?
Governmental orders malignant surveillance
police powers increasing
search and surveillance bill
A.K.A. the SS bill.
elusive human rights
prevailing uncertainty
commodified, hypnotised
all seeing eye in the sky
unfit for humans, thinking skills diminishing
now globalised homogenized
lies between the lines
now show identification
when you leave home every day
memorise your human rights
secrecy and collusion

cellphone towers
increasing,radiation leaking
privacy diminishing genetic modifications
nano technology
monstrous Monsanto a corporate invader
making our medicines, and food
farmers using Roundup ready spraying our food
Flora and fauna that concoction of aspartame spread with criminal intention food.
vaccine inclusive.
Globalised homogenised lies between the lines, collective politicians, organised contrition
democracy slipping brave new world,camera eyes super-sized, wide world watching me watching you
prepare for your  biometric photo look,
no need to smile is all unrelated, pixelated,
biometricbody scan, perniciously awaits
Beyond brave new world 2
International Finance collapse, economic man,  where money never sleeps
stocks and shares fall or falter rollercoster money men and trading floors manipulating recreating rational distrustmaking fortunes tailgating
the US dollar Banks collaborating
under the grey veil of secrecy and collusion
hidden hands of manipulation borrowings
banking countries
hidden schemes surreptitiously bank bailouts
constantly  increasing
printing machines increasing
inflation creation
historical repeat receipt, terminal disease
globalist command monopolies ,commodities, monopolise ,
gst incrementally
for foods sake
SS. Bill
trading floors incubate,
manipulate gambling or guessing gains
hedging bets where markets fall or falter.
Money men manipulate proselytise profits for the triple bottom line,
jobs lost mortgagees sales
costs of living rising
gold is the standard
large companies consume the small

Living on this ship of debt, the band plays on ,
drowned commiserations.

Owned commiserations.

Consume the small
market shares
an International
monetary game,
monopolised duopoly
just that  old game
International job loss,
mortgagees sales, accumulated debt.
international scheme,
borrowing, exchange currencies, between
pernicious drip line debt critical.
Federal reserve’s
bail out the big boys,  increasing crisis
second time around supposition.
Hidden hands,
secretive dark manipulation?
Council of foreign
Secretive manipulation
world wide
chain reaction.
A sinking ship
of debt
band plays on,


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