Sunday Bloody Sunday “Марш миллионов” Москва, 6 мая 2012 года

This link and report via email from Moscow.

We in Moscow are now very tense atmosphere in response to recent events. And now I’m very disturbed.

Previously, I was not interested in political issues, but now I’m so tired of all that is happening in the country!

On our streets of Moscow are going to a million people who just quietly claim their rights.

At the same time on their side, there is no aggression,

but a special service, and riot police are very aggressive and detain people for fun!

They beat people with batons and transported to the police with it some just do not impose charges for that!

Even with many of my friends have done so, and many of them actors in Playback theater.

When going to a rally than a well-known poets, writers, artists, men and women of all ages! The TV show is not the truth!!

Our society is divided into two parts!

And now, in social networks, many friends who have been arguing about it.

And even in my family this is what happened. I do not want it anymore and want to support the guys on the streets!

In each view people tell stories about police violence and arbitrary power. I’m so tired of these stories.

Now in Moscow every day more and more heated atmosphere and increases the tension.

In the center of Moscow turned campgrounds.

People just live on the streets and there is no aggression! I have personally been there and seen it.

But the police are abused with citizens and takes on big machines people.

I am extremely angry and outraged by this!!


Today we have a representation of Playback Theatre, and after the presentation,

I decided that I wanted to support our people and go to the center of Moscow.


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