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NATO Activates Missile Shield Despite Russian Anger


[ Hey isn’t it really weird how a ‘missile shield’ 

can also look a lot like just plain

‘missiles’ ?

Some pricks just have no clue as to how to play nice with others. ]

NATO leaders launched Sunday the first phase of a US-led missile shield for Europe,

risking the wrath of Russia which has threatened to deploy rockets to EU borders in response.

A NATO official told AFP that US President Barack Obama and his allies

“just decided”

at a Chicago summit to put a US warship armed with interceptors

in the Mediterranean

and a Turkey-based radar system under NATO command

in a German base.

The alliance insists the shield is not aimed at Russia

and aims to knock out missiles that could be launched by enemies such as Iran,

but Moscow fears that the system will also serve to neutralize its nuclear deterrent.


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