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Bilderberg Behind The New World Order?


For over half century,

a collection of world leaders have been meeting annually across the globe,

but this year the Bilderberg group,

which many believe sets global agendas,

is gathering in Chantilly, Virginia.

A lot of people think the decisions made here only benefit the rich and powerful.

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Bilderberg Puts Finishing Touches To Carbon Tax Agenda


The Bilderberg Group plans to put the finishing touches to a global carbon tax agenda that is already in full swing,

according to our inside sources,

with the threat of endangered species set to replace man-made global warming

as the main vehicle through which the elite’s post-industrial revolution is accomplished.


Demonstrators heckle Bilderberg attendees


As black limousines and SUVs pulled into the secluded Westfields Marriott hotel,

the site of this year’s annual meeting of the world’s richest and most influential,

the protesters,

many of whom wielded megaphones,

shouted them down.



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