Google Vows Full Service to Israeli Mossad

Chief executives of the search engine, Google,

vowed in a recent meeting with Israeli prime minister to render full service to the Mossad spy agency.

“Investment in Israel was among the best decisions ever made by Google,”

Google chief executive Eric Schmidt said during the meeting with Netanyahu.

During the meeting, Netanyahu gave Schmidt a sketch which showed the Israeli flag hoisting above Google’s emblem.

Western media reports had also earlier revealed that Google renders continued and special services to several spying agencies,

including the CIA.

Google boss Eric Schmidt said in December that he was surprised to see Iranian’s talents in cyber war.

“Iranians are unusually talented (at cyber warfare) for some reason we don’t fully understand,” he told CNN.

Schmidt referred to Iran’s infiltration of Danish cyberspace, using methods that are still not clear to Google.

Schmidt also raised the possibility that Iran hacked into the control system of the unmanned US drone it recently captured.

The US spy drone entered Iran through the Afghanistan border, and Iran captured it with minimal damage.


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