Israeli Terrorists Operating In Iran

An article by two well-known Israeli writers’ details state-sponsored terrorism
by a secret unit of the MOSSAD called ‘The Kidon’ that operates inside of Iran.
Press TV has conducted an interview with Mark Glenn, Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement, Idaho,
who uses the subject article as an example of the silence of the Western world and the UN towards any threatening activity by Israel
even when entity is threatening the entire world.
The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Let’s get your thoughts on the report about the Kidon Unit and the assassinations inside Iran?

Glenn: I think the first thing we would have to note about this is what would be the reaction on the part of Israel and the US

if this were a story appearing on Press TV or any other outlet

detailing how Iranian agents were inside Israel or America assassinating American or Israeli scientists?

The outrage, not just on the part of Israel and the US,

but the entire Western world that is in the grip of the Zionist interests would be like a tsunami.

But yeah, the West will go ahead and publish an article based upon a book by two Israeli writers

detailing how Israel is committing acts of state-sponsored terrorism inside Iran

and there is no flutter of protest or disappointment or displeasure

– so that’s the first thing to note is the absolute hypocrisy in this.

The second thing to note is that this goes to show what the president of Iran has said, Dr. Ahmadinejad,

about how dangerous a player in the region and really throughout the world Israel is.

Israel does not abide by any international laws.

She goes where she wants,

she kills who she wants and she expects the world to sit by and do nothing in the face of it.

With a player like this in possession of several hundred nuclear weapons

and that of course has control over the political and economic infrastructure

of the most powerful country in the world meaning the US,

truly the world is at a very dangerous place in history right now.

Press TV: Turning to the broader picture.

The Western states as you mentioned

either deny or ignore altogether such reports and accusations and even some Arab countries in the regime

who have themselves in the past felt the hand of sabotage and state terrorism of the Israelis

have lost sensitivity towards the issue.

Tell us more about that.

Glenn: Yes. The hypocrisy in this is absolutely enough to choke the world.

The fact that Israel will do these things and there is no condemnation whatsoever.

Just think back to what took place last summer

when there was an arrest made in the US of what was said was an Iranian National

who may have been plotting to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the US.

It was front page story;

it was headline news for weeks on end.

And of course this was used as more “proof” of the danger of the Iranian regime,

that they’re carrying out operations on US soil

– it was carried by every Western media outlet in the world, every language…

So a story like this that is written based on a book by these well-known and influential Israeli writers…

Where is the condemnation?

Where is the United Nations coming forward and saying this is unacceptable?

Israel is engaging in activities here that threaten the peace of the entire world;

where is that body of international peace known as the United Nations to come out with one of her famous condemnations?

Because it is Israel, the world says nothing but silence.


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