Why Small Arms And Not Cluster Bombs?


The US administration is all hot and bothered to join the UN campaign to

“ban small arms.”

Noble, right?

If so,

then why are they OK with land mines



and cluster bombs,


so much so

they will not join international agreements to ban those gruesome weapons?

Would you believe there’s a dollar in it?

( You’ll recognize the names of some of the banks that push them.  )

What do our banks do when they are not ripping us off,

receiving taxpayer bailouts to cover their gambling losses

or laundering drug money?

They subsidize mayhem of course.

By the way,

three countries refuse to even discuss a ban of cluster bombs:

Russia, Israel and the good old USA.

[ Besides – pretty much anyone can utilize or get access to small arms

and not everyone can utilise or get access to landmines and cluster bombs ]



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