‘Mossad’s Hand In Terror Attacks ~ Gaza Ghetto The Goal’


16 Egyptian soldiers were killed in the attack of a security checkpoint at the Egyptian border.

The militants tried to force their way through to Israel,

but were repelled by border guards.

Both Israel and Egypt blamed the attack on Islamist militants,

who’ve become increasingly active in recent months.

But Eric Draitser, a geopolitical analyst at Stopimperialism.org,

believes the attack in Sinai works to Israel’s benefit.


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Wed Aug 8 , 2012
Alex Garland writer of the acheingly apocalyptic yet head-pokeingly brilliant cinematic outings : The Beach, [youtube]1EJ1T0cf-Wk[/youtube] 28 Days Later, [youtube]TgMc-y5FrU4[/youtube] Sunshine, [youtube]r8BSlqHAhuY[/youtube] ~ and screen-scribe of the horrendously depressing yet undeniably exceptional ‘all clones are inherently fucked’ fest : Never Let Me Go, [youtube]sXiRZhDEo8A[/youtube] has been busy rebooting, rewinding,  and […]

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