The Best Of The BEEB

While it’s quite true that its global news service

is really and absolutely nothing but Giant Pro-War Dross Bollocks

it’s also true that the BBC can – like its documentaries – occasionally pinch out dramas

that are of an unparalleled worldwide standard.

These are some such dramas.

“House of Cards”, “To Play The King” & “The Final Cut”

tracks Ian Richardson’s creepily brilliant and highly demonic stint as Westminsters’s Chief Whip

who crawls – like a lizard – slowly and surely to absolute power – in the wake of Thatcher’s departure.

The story was adapted from a novel written by Michael Dobbs, a former Chief of Staff at Conservative Party headquarters (UK)

& draws heavily from Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Richard III, 

both of which examine issues of power, ambition and corruption.


“State of Play”

This serial begins with the murder of a young man – in what appears to be a drug-related killing,

and the apparently coincidental death of a young researcher for an MP.

As the deaths are investigated by a journalist and his colleagues

[ which include that chick from Trainspotting and Bill Nighy ]

it appears that not only were the deaths connected,

but that a conspiracy links them with an oil industry-backed corruption

of high-ranking English government ministers.


“The Shadow Line”

shows a gangland murder investigated simultaneously by both sides of the line

– police and criminals – and the opposing methods that they use to solve it.

But the real story is of the morality within each character – how far they will go before they cross this line

and of the nature of how such worlds overlap.


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