Uncensored – Man Saved By Vitamin C To Lead Protest At Auckland Hospital


Allan Smith, whose life was saved in 2009 by intravenous Vitamin C at Auckland Hospital, will be protesting from 12-2 pm on September 15 at Auckland Hospital – for turning its back on this life saving treatment.

Smith was featured on two segments on 60 Minutes in 2010.

60 Minutes detailed his surprising story of near fatal illness with Swine Flu and pneumonia, and the willingness of Auckland Hospital to “pull the plug” on him – kill him – rather than give him Vitamin C.

Watch video/discuss here:

 Vitamin C, especially in high doses, has been a well-known and scientifically accepted anti-viral for many years, and yet Auckland hospital initially refused to administer it, falsely claiming that they had “tried everything” to no avail.

When the hospital, under pressure from the family, finally and RELUCTANTLY administered the vitamin C, Smith began to show a dramatic improvement within days.

Within a few short weeks he was well again.

Unfortunately, Auckland Hospital and many other NZ hospitals seem to have learned nothing from the experience and to this day they actually REFUSE to administer vitamin C to patients presenting with acute viral illnesses such as the flu.

They persistently and falsely claim that there is “no evidence” for the efficacy of vitamin C, but there is, indeed, massive amounts of evidence for it – even in their “peer reviewed” medical literature.

Vitamin C is even a registered medicine in New Zealand.

And yet they initially refused to give it to Allan Smith and they continue to refuse to give it to other people who are ill with viral (or bacterial) illnesses.

And some people reportedly have died as a result of this refusal to even try it!

Were it not for the persistence of Smith’s family, he would have died, too.

Whatever the reason for this intransigence in the face of the obvious successes of Vitamin C, the people of New Zealand deserve to have a medical system that is truly evidence-based, and is focused entirely on the best recovery strategies available – rather than one that refuses to acknowledge its mistakes.

Across the board, mistakes such as this one are costing thousands of lives, in that the Medical System itself is now reliably considered to be the third leading cause of death in New Zealand.

Why, we ask, is it so difficult for Auckland Hospital to learn from the case of Allan Smith? Why is so hard to admit that a mistake was made? … and then change a ridiculous policy that is costing lives and public health.

For further information, contact: Allan Smith:
Tel: 07 873 7572
Mob: 027-472-2975

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