Maureen Dowd Accuses The Neocons Of Fomenting War ~ & Is Promptly Tarred As An Anti-Semite

[ Last time I looked ~ most Semites spoke Arabic ]

In the last day or two

we have seen one of the most remarkable policings

of the discourse

that I’ve ever seen

… and it seems to be one man’s achievement,

Jeffrey Goldberg,

in asserting

that the longtime New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd

was anti-Semitic

in saying

that the Romney braintrust

includes the same guys

who started the Iraq war.

It is remarkable

because so many people inside the Beltway have heeded Goldberg;

even Joe Klein in defending Dowd says that she was crude

– this from a man who wrote openly of Jewish neoconservatives,

which Dowd didn’t do

– and so the line has held:

the idea that we are allowed to debate the Jewish neoconservatives’ role in the Iraq war for the sake of Israel,

well that is an anti-Semitic idea.

As Goldberg says,

it is the idea that the gentiles didn’t start that war,

but were manipulated into it

by the likes of Wolfowitz and Feith.


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