Aluminium, Strontium & Barium In Brisbane Rainwater


Well done to Mike Scott of Brisbane, Australia who had a sample of rainwater tested recently.   The rain sample was collected in the suburb of Zillmere in Brisbane, around a month ago.  The laboratory used for testing is world accredited as the pdf file of the results shows.   He advises that aerosols, otherwise known as chemtrails, had been sprayed every other day for months and there had not been any rain for around 65 days at the time.

Offers Mike Scott: “We collected that tiny sample.  The vessel used for collection was also sterile and not deployed until it started to rain.  I work in the sterilization industry so I can guarantee its sterility.   I have no issues with anyone using these results in anyway they see fit, as long as it’s inside the law.   I would hate for anyone to get in trouble, but in saying that, this shit has got to stop.     I plan on doing a follow-up sample in a few months, so I have something to compare this with, so stay in touch. The more information we get out there the better.  Getting the rainwater sample tested was easily the best $200 I have spent in a while.    I have tried to give it to the Environment Protection Authority here and they were not interested.  It beggar’s belief.   I live around 40 km outside of Brisbane.  There is not a cloud in the sky and what should be bright blue is silvery grey.  It’s damn sad.”

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