Meet the Internet Gatekeepers

A gated community on the Internet is about to take shape.

It begins with identity and deals with mis/trust; sorting the wheat from the chaff.

It facilitates auditing of all e-transactions, to fight cybercrime and ensure compliance.

This is the new smart world,

where control of identity is key.

Eleven years in the making,

the system of global Identity Management (IdM) is backed by those

with the most to protect,

and will bring in Internet Governance by the back door.

It will give everyone a unique ID,

for life,

and make us all very careful about what we do online,

as all e-transactions will be marked with the time, date, and identities of those involved.

All the public is being told, however,

is that we need these measures to protect against identity theft, and other cybercrimes,

and that surfing the Net will be




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