Shaken Baby Syndrome: An Abusive Diagnosis


Shaken Baby Syndrome: An Abusive Diagnosis
By Dr Archie Kalokerinos
12th April 2008

These are the final words from an enlightening book.

“Worse still (if that is possible) are the parents who unjustly sit in jails, waiting in death row.

Something terrible has infected my medical colleagues – or a considerable number of them.

The time has come to end this form of abusive diagnosis. the time has come for doctors to look squarely at what is there for all to see in the medical literature and to consider the unjust errors of gigantic proportions which have been made, and to correct them”.

The quotation above was taken from a Pdf file of the Dr Kalokerinos book .. Permission to make it available for interested readers was given by Hilary and Peter Butler who run a website called ‘Beyond Conformity’ .. the articles are very informative and Hilary’s no nonsense style and penetrating analysis make for essential reading for parents looking for guidance in a confusing world of Vaccines  ..

Once having read this book, no thinking person will ever think of Battered Baby Syndrome or even Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in the terms dictated by the Medico/Legal System again. This is a tale of lies, deceit and hypocrisy which permeates the world of vaccines from the highest echelons to the front line nurse

The download is a 1.39 MB Pdf complete with microscopic and radiological images

Here .. SBS+An+Abusive+Diagnosis


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