Manufacturing Dissent ~ The Truth About Syria


A new documentary from British journalist Lizzie Phelan ~ that examines
the psychological-warfare by the media and political establishment of the west
and their allies
aimed at facilitating the US, European and Israeli agenda
of getting rid of the current Syrian government.

It demonstrates how the media
has directly contributed to the bloodshed in Syria.


The documentary de-constructs the main allegations those actors have presented,

namely that the Syrian government was systematically repressing peaceful protests and that it has lost legitimacy.

It shows how such claims are supported by scant evidence

and are therefore little more than propaganda

to serve the foreign policy interests of their countries.

Manufacturing Dissent includes evidence of fake reports broadcasted/published by the likes of CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and others

and interviews with a cross section of the Syrian population

including an actor, a craftsman, a journalist, a resident from Homs and an activist who have all been affected by the crisis.

Produced by journalists Lizzie Phelan and Mostafa Afzalzadeh.

Edited by Lizzie Phelan.

Website for the documentary here

designed by Shahinaz Alsibahie.


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