Zionists Bomb Farms In Gaza, Detain Palestinians, & Obstruct Journalists During Eviction



[ … because they don’t want you to see them behaving like Nazi Germany. ]

Israeli forces detained five Palestinians on Wednesday morning in the West Bank city of Jenin.

Witnesses said that 15 Israeli armoured vehicles swept into the eastern part of the city at dawn

and searched many Palestinians houses in the area.


Israeli tanks have bombarded Palestinian farms in the middle area of the Gaza Strip

no casualties were reported.

The tank shells hit Al-Maghazi and Al-Burij refugee camps.

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Israeli Soldiers Obstruct Journalists During Eviction

Israeli soldiers prevented journalists from covering the eviction of a Palestinian campsite

in the West Bank on Sunday,

according to news reports and local press freedom organizations.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the eviction

despite a Supreme Court injunction against demolishing the camp.

During the eviction,

hundreds of Israeli soldiers blocked journalists’ access to the site,

pushed them into a low-lying area, and used spotlights to interfere with shooting video and photos,

according to Al-Jazeera and local press freedom group the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedom (MADA).

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