BRZEZINSKI : The President Must Keep His Hand On The Foreign Policy Steering Wheel

In an interview on NPR yesterday, Zbigniew Brzezinski


said :

“The notion that the only way to deal with Iranian problem

is to start a war with Iran, I think,

is really lunatic,

and it’s not a service to the American national interest

to be committed to it.”

And to the Republicans and others that disagree with that,

Brzezinski said,

“Well, let’s see whether they are prepared to be in the front ranks

of those who march off to Iran to fight.”

“It’s very easy to advocate war from here, but who is going to do the heavy lifting?

And think of the economic costs, in addition to the human costs,

and think of the regional consequences of a war with Iran.

And then ask yourself:

How does any of that serve the national interest and why is this so urgently necessary?”

“I think that if we are going to act as if we could assert our domination by use of force,

we’re going to dig ourselves into a hole.

Because in our era,

we are no longer facing prospect of easy-to-win colonial wars.

We’re increasingly facing the prospect of prolonged wars

with aroused populations,

which are very difficult for us to crush,


we begin to act like Nazi Germany

and just go murdering everybody in sight.”

he said.

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