Novo Balls and the Politicians


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The following is an excerpt which asks some quite straight forward questions one that asks John Key a pointed question .. and one that asks that paragon of all virtues Banksy a pointed question .. a dip into Company records may be revealing .. but whichever way one views the whole disgraceful debacle and the damage and misery inflicted on many teachers for the obvious chicanery on the part of all involved from La Parrot to government departments and the oh so painfully obvious attempts to cover up .. in my opinion .. a disgraceful fraud .. follow the money ..


The NZ Government purposely made little to no comment in the early days, hoping the media would just leave it alone, and teachers would just have to suffer alone.  There are obvious questions that need to be answered, that our ‘Casino Key’ butt licking media  are purposely not asking the incompetent, money wasting, and dishonest Prime Minister.

WHY did the National Government try to hide the Novopay disaster for so long?
WHY in the first few weeks of the disaster was everything possible done to hide the name of the owning company, ‘Talent2′ – I personally requested from several sources the name of who owned and run Novopay, no one would tell me.
WHO in the NZ goverment, other than John Banks (a Key part of the National Government – despite him being caught out misleading the public several times) who admitted he had shares in Talent2, also owned shares when the $100 million contract was awarded?
DID John ‘Casino’ Key also own shares in ‘Talent2′ when it was awarded the $100 million contract?
DID the Education Minister (past or present) own shares in the ‘Talent2′ company when the $100 million contract was awarded?
WHY was the contract not withdrawn before Novopay took over, when NZ Post suffered thousands of errors in their staffs pay since April 2011 when they also used ‘Talent2′s system, and the pay errors still continue?

This disaster should bring the NZ Government to complete collapse.  The only reason this has not already happened is due to National controlling almost all of the major news media in NZ, with key people in place at each company to monitor what is reported, with John ‘Casino’ Key having past connections with some of the managers and owners of major NZ news media.


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