Syrian Rebels Are Nothing More Than Murdering Thugs Used By US & West To Oust Assad

US and Western Governments are stepping up the arming and funding of Syrian rebels

to do the dirty job of ousting President Assad for them.

This is still an act of murder by aiding and abetting,

by getting someone else to do it for you,

and it is cheaper,

less messy

and easier than doing it themselves,

with no casualties in the US and Western military,

no public outcry,

and not a splash of blood on their hands.

A similar tactic was used in ousting Gaddafi in Libya,

but they have now realized

that it is much better to just stand back and pay others to do the fighting and killing for them,

then when Assad has been toppled like Gaddafi

they simply step in as the liberators and bringers of the pseudo democracy,

and help themselves to the treasure of oil,

strategic positioning,

and the final step closer

to the big, long-awaited goal of toppling Iran

[ … so that they can then change Iran’s economic system

– into something that’s more inline with a geopolitical, time-based monetary process

that would more readily serve each of their own

‘national interests’  ]

President Assad of course is no angel, it is true,

but if we look at the figures of his war crimes against humanity,

they pale in comparison to a Bush or a Blair, and currently a combo of Cameron, Hollande and Obama

( catching up quickly ),

who are racking up the deaths and destruction at quite a pace

in Mali, Afghanistan

and elsewhere.

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Fri Mar 1 , 2013
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