Brace yourself for a hailstorm of anti-Russian zionist propaganda. [ … kind of like just like what Hollywood’s been pumping out for the last little while ] “We believe that the practical implementation of a nuclear-free zone will become possible only when all countries in the region, INCLUDING ISRAEL, join the NPT and subject […]


The United States, North Korea, Russia, China, Israel, The United Kingdom, & The European Union are all engaging in gregarious social military operations that impoverish our Global Culture and are keeping people on the brink of starvation and abject poverty. [youtube]kZDT3i5VGN8[/youtube]

Good to see The Daily Show finally being relevant again so soon after the election of Obama in 2008. See you in Hell, Ari Fleisher. “Gibbs is a human shield against what we on Earth call what’s actually going on.” The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show […]