A Myriad Of Massive Midyear Movie Montages



Irvine Welsh’s proud polemic positing problematic policemen


Matt Damon’s dire dystopian depiction of darwinian division


Zack Snyder’s seemingly superbly shot superman story


A wanton while welcome wealthy Wall St wanker whackathon


& budget-busting Brad brings Brook’s big brain-blowing blockbuster book

before bored box-office buyers


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The Hubris Of Zionism

Mon Apr 15 , 2013
Before 9/11 birthed the “Global War on Terror” (GWOT) to aim American blood and treasure at Israel’s enemies, 189 of Earth’s 196 recognized “sovereign” nations had a Rothschild-controlled central bank. Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Cuba, Iraq, and North Korea were those last seven nations resisting Rothschild enslavement. Now, only Cuba, […]

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