Sandy Hook Report Put Off –Release possible in September –Unit involved in the investigation, said part of delay is redacting FBI reports 29 May 2013 State police said Wednesday that the final investigative report on the Dec. 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown may not be released […]


On the very same day that Oxfam released a report highlighting disturbing labour and environmental issues on Philippine banana plantations, Dole has agreed to discontinue use of its “Ethical Choice” label and withdraw its application to trademark the term. Executive Director of Oxfam New Zealand, Barry Coates, said, “We welcome […]


At the 2013 Atlanta Music Liberty Fest, Kristen Meghan, former Air Force Bio-Environmental Engineer gave a ground breaking presentation of what she had discovered about Chemtrails while serving her Country. This BRAVE young lady has put her livelihood/life on the line for US Please take a minute to thank her […]


The entire Western World banking system just missed the need for a bail-in by a hairs length. The next crisis in finance in North America will be a product of the FASB, the Guardians of Auditing, allowing banks to value OTC derivative paper at whatever the bank wishes. This is […]

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