9 thoughts on “Stephen Hawking Joins Boycott Against Israel

  1. Ditto what Ivor said Blake. Hang in there. Sometimes the posts take ad sometimes they don’t. I had “duplicate comment” coming up last night and no post would take regardless of what I tried.
    I too would hate to lose Scott Ewing. He’s a good guy.
    Someone sure did a ‘job’on the site. I won’t abandon it though.

  2. Hang in there Blake .. yes there is something wrong with the site .. it is still hacked and one has to go through all sorts of maneuvers to get posts to take.

    I had a sort of non committal post from Scott .. in which he said he has computer problems which he cannot afford to fix .. my immediate thought was .. he was an excellent moderator and would accept no nonsense from anyone .. and we had a good forum .. these people obviously do not pay him.

    So we may have lost him .. if we are to lose you as well then I shall miss your cogent posts .. so please reconsider .. and hey there Admin .. what is the problem.

    1. Blakes unanswered plaints.

    2. A still badly hacked site which at times waiting to see if a post will take or disappear is like sitting in a slowly congealing bowl of custard .. if it gets slower it will stop.

    thanks for your attention.

  3. Hi Blake, good to see you back. Yes we all had “re-start” woes following the hack-job. I’ve just finished reading Icke’s “The Lion Sleeps No More”. A good read and thought provoking. As you know, I have a lot of ‘issues’ with Icke and his claims, although I like the guy and admire his courage.
    Hawking would seem to have done the “right thing” in this boycott. Yes even atheist-scientist types can be good guys.

  4. Hi, can you please delete the above comment that I sent on May 11 at 11:37 am. Thanks

  5. Why was my comment here denied today ? It went through for approval and now it is gone ??
    Is it time to cancel my Uncensored subscription ? No answers to my questions
    about why you do not like RT ? What is going on ???
    For you to remove RT and not say why leaves me wondering your motives and priorities.

    1. Your comment was held for moderation because the whole system was reset after we were hacked. Once your first comment has been approved you will no longer require moderation.

      Re: RT
      We post lots of RT, so I’m sure what you’re on about…

  6. What a surprise, I would have thought that being an atheist and like the jews, has no belief in the after life, he would have supported them, take all you can get, you only have this one life.

    Not my beliefs I might add.

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